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What can be experienced within the art domain often offers surprising reasons for broadening your view of yourself, situations and things. What you/others have made can be the start of a valuable (group-)conversation. Digging our unknown thoughts.


During the conversations we find out together what current life themes are for you and how you can actively relate to them.  Based on the results of that conversation, you will be invited to make an inspiration book. By means of 'visual' assignments tailored to your needs, you investigate where you can start new fruitful experiments with yourself.


I have experience in Socratic Conversation, Visual Thinking Strategies, Transactional Analysis, personal development and so on.


Conversations and workshops are events in collaboration with you and coincidences that arise in our moments of togetherness


Aim is to explore your full range of imagination as a step towards a vivid and creative way of being. Live Is But Your Dream.


                     Just give me a call: 06 555 3 5678

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